Conferences, exhibitions and other activities

The influence of Waldorf pedagogy on social events in the world over the past 100 years. Celebrating 100 years of Waldorf/Steiner education. Conference for politicians, school leaders and educationalists. Centre Rudolf Steiner Donji Kraljevec, Croatia. Oct. 25. 2019.

The Love of Learning -the role of emotions and will in contemporary education. Seminar for teachers and parents. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina. May 6th 2016.

Seminars in connection with the project 'One Hundred Million Destinies Now' Venues in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Europe as well as in Brussels, autumn 2015 and spring 2016. More on venues and dates will be announced later in the autumn. Lectures, discussion groups, written exercises and integrated artistic exercises in the visual arts and music for pupils 17-19 years of age. The main speaker will be Assoc. Prof. David Brierley. Artistic exercises in connection with the theme and discussion groups will be integrated into the seminars. 1. The Geography of Europe. 2. Spirit of Europe. 3. The End of the World of Stability and the Start of a World of Unpredictability and Possibilities. 4. The Individual and the Crowd. 5. Current Issues: The Human River of Europe (migration).

Tidens ånd - pedagogikkens fremtid Paper Conference 'Time' Oslo, 27th Oct. 2015.

In Defence of the Arts. Vienna (AU), Ljubljana (SI), Zagreb (HR), Oslo (N), Sarajevo (BH). Sep.-Nov. 2015.

In Defence of the Humanities. Vienna (AU), Ljubljana (SI), Zagreb (HR), Oslo (N), Sarajevo (BH). Sep.-Nov. 2015.

The Art of Thinking. Conference 'The Living Line. Conference paper exhibition 'The Living Line -thinking through drawing'. National Library Zagreb. 25th sep. 2015.

Exhibition 'The Living Line' Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, 20th Nov.-5th Dec. 2015.

Opening exhibition 'The Living Line'. National Library, Zagreb, Croatia. 9th Sep. 2015.

Opening exhibition 'The Living Line'. Osijek, Croatia. 11th June 2015.

The Living Line (Ziva Linija): Thinking through drawing' An exhibition of the work of pupils at the Waldorf School Ljubljana. Initiator and texts: David L. Brierley. 22nd Sep. - 10th Oct. 2014, Ljubljana City Hall (Mestna Hisa). Click here for info flyer. Forthcoming tour: Ajdovcina, Nova Goricia, Radovlijca (Slovenia); Zagreb (Croatia); Sarajevo (Bosnia-Hercegovina).

Coltivare talenti - L'arte nell' educare. May 15th: "An arts rich school - Why should we teach music and visual art?", lecture. May 17th: Round table with politicians and educators. 2014. Palermo, Italy.

Emotions - Nurturing our creative potential. Conference and book launch - review of the role of literature and round-table. Botin Foundation, May 7th 2014, Madrid, Spain.

The Living Line: An exhibition of spontaneous and geometric drawing from 3 to 18 years, from the Waldorf School, Ljubljana. Ljubljana City Hall Sep. 22. - Oct. 10. 2014, on tour including Croatia and Bosnia autumn and winter 2014. Initiator: David Brierley. Translators: Ziva Vidic Licul, Manca Vecerin. Click for invitation in English / Slovenian.

Arts and the Creation of the Mind: Methods for Our Time. Research group and master classes. International project. Commencing march 2014 in Oslo, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Helsinki.

The School of the Future - from Brains to Minds (Skola Za Sutra - Od Mozga Do Uma). A trilogy of conferences, Zagreb 20-21 Sept. 2013 (Arr. David Brierley/IWP Zagreb).

Speakers: Baroness Prof. Susan Greenfileld (UK), Assoc. Prof. David Brierley, (N/Si) Assoc. Prof. Anne Mangen (N), Prof. Slavica Basic (Hr). Mary Barratt-Due (N) (music), Tobias Richter (At). Click here for conference website.