Some lectures and seminar themes in 2017

Workshop: Exercises in method II. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, apr. 21st-23rd 2017.

Workshop: Exercises in method I. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, mar. 30th - apr. 2nd 2017.

Some lectures and seminar themes in 2016

Immigration, Integration, Identity and Education. Waldorfske Novice, Ljubljana. Autumn 2016.

Adolescence (4 lectures). Skola za sutra, Zagreb. 25th-27th nov. 2016.

A School for the Future - human Dispositions, Competence and Method. Preparatory group Free Waldorf Initiative, 6 lectures. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Oct. 2-7 2016. Skola za Sutra Zagreb, Oct 21-23 2016.

Reading and discussion groups. Waldorf Seminar Ljubljana. Sept. 30 - Oct 2. 2016.

Workshop -Pedagogical exercises. Waldorf seminar Ljubljana. I. Mar. 4-6, 2016. II. 12-13, 2016.

Some lectures and seminar themes in 2015

Lecture 1.The Art of Creativity and Thinking in Contemporary Education. Lecture 2. The Intelligent Hand. Workshop: Thinking and Imagination through Form Drawing. Seminar, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina. 27th. Oct. 2015

The Spirit of the Times and the Task of Education. 2 lectures, Skola za sutra, Zagreb. 26. Sept. 2015.

The Path to Individuality. Geography and Painting Workshop (with Mali Roald), Waldorf Teacher Education Seminar, Ljubljana, 2-4 Sept. 2015

Tidens ånd - Steinerskolens fremtid (The 'zeitgeist' and the future of the Steiner/Waldorf schools). Felleslærermøtet for Steinerskolene i Norge (National conference for Steiner schools). 17th Oct. 2015.

Undervisning som kan fremme individualitet (Teaching that promotes individualism). Felleslærermøtet for Steinerskolene i Norge (National conference for Steiner schools). 15th-17th Oct. 2015.

The Play of the Mind - thinking through drawing. Workshop for teachers: Art and Thinking: Formdrawing and Spatial Intelligence. National Library, Zagreb. 25th Sep. 2015.

Heart to Mind - Emotions in Society, in Teaching and Learning. Conference: Contemporary Issues in Education. Cankarjev dom Conference Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 17th-18th Apr. 2015.

What we didn't learn at school. Ajdovscina, Slovenia, 13th Apr. 2015

Some lectures and seminar themes in 2014

The Artistic Mind - In the individual, society and education. Rudolf Steiner University College (Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen), Oslo. 28th Nov. 2014

What does play in childhood engender in adulthood?. Public lectures, Ljubljana, 7th-8th Nov. 2014

Exercising a method of teaching and learning I: Imagination through the word and ear, II. Exercising a method of teaching and learning, III: Imagination through the image and eye. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, Croatia 24th-26th Oct.

Learning Process: from accumulated knowledge to human faculties. A method. Waldorf Seminar Ljubljana, Slovenia, 22nd Sep. - 10th Oct.

Discussion groups on the book 'The Not Yet in the Now'. Waldorf Seminar Ljubljana. 26th-28th aug. 2014

Methodology: from knowledge to human dispositions. Seminar for Slovenian Waldorf teachers. Waldorf Seminar "The School of Livelihood", Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18-21 Aug. 2014

Educational Study "The Secret Garden". Analysis and discussion of central themes in education. Waldorf Seminar "The School of Livelihood", Ljubljana, Slovenia, 4-5th and 28-29th apr. 2014

Developmental Stages in Youth. Lectures and pedagogical exercises. Skola zu sutra, Zagreb, Croatia

Educating for a Future Livelihood. Cultural Centre, Kranj, Slovenia. 27th feb. 2014

The Task of Art in Society and Education. Waldorf Seminar Ljubljana. 10-12th jan. 2014

How can artistic expression aid creativity in the business world?. Seminars for Managers. DM-Drogeriemarkt, Zagreb, Croatia, 13-14th feb. and 3-4th mar. 2014

Skola za sutra. Seminar 4 lectures 'The Psychological Development 14-21 years. Adolescence.' Zagreb 28 Feb.- 2 Mar. 2014.


Some lectures and seminar themes in 2013

Why Art? Public lecture, Christmas bazaar, Waldorf School, Ljubljana. 30th nov. 2013

Skola za sutra. Seminar 'A Method for Human Competences, Resilence and Creativity: an introduction'. Zagreb 11-13 October 2013

Waldorf seminar for teachers and pre-school teachers. Ljubljana 6-7 Sept. 2013, lectures: Education For The Future the cultivation of human capabilities.

Waldorf seminar for teachers and pre-school teachers. Opening 1st year. Ljubljana 30th Aug. 2013 2 lectures: What characterizes our time, what are we educating for?

The use of biographies in teaching youths. Workshop with pedagogical exercises. Waldorf seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia 24-26 May 2013.

The Trouble With Being Human These Days. Public lecture for parents. Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Finding a Way in a World of Conformity. Public Lecture, NAHLA Centar za Edukaciju i Istraz Zivanje, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina 16th May 2013

Education for the Future and the Needs of the Young Child - A Waldorf perspective. The Federal Ministry for Education & Sport (Federalno ministarstvo obrazovanja i nauke) at Parliamentary Assembly of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Conference, Sarajevo, 15th-16th May 2013. Opportunities for introducing innovative models and methods in early childhood education. (Strucni savjetnik za predskolsko o osnovno obrazovanje).

The Art of Change - Art and Society. Friends of the Waldorf School. Seminar Opatija, Croatia 12th April 2013

The Arts in Schools, Culture and Society. Seminar. University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina 6th April 2013

Pedagogical exercises for students. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, Croatia. 26. - 28. jan.

Spatial Intelligence and Form Drawing. Practical Exercises. Waldorf Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia. 22.- 24. feb

'Education Humanness for the Future'. Public Lecture, Celje, Slovenia. 29. feb.

Why Art? - Emotions, imagination, creativity. Seminar at University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina. 6th of April 2013

The School of the Future: From Brains to Minds (Skola Za Sutra: Od Mozga Do Uma). International Conference on Contemporary Education, Zagreb, Croatia. 20-21 Sept. 2013
Pedagogical leader: Assoc. Prof. David Brierley. Introduction: President of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic. Speakers: Baroness Prof. Susan Greenfield (UK), Anne Mangen (N), David Brierley (N). Singing: Mary Barratt-Due (N).

Why art, thinking, emotion and practice. Seminar. University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina 5-6 April 2013

The School of the Future, the Future of the Child. I & II. Conference. Ministry of Education in Bosnia-Hercegovina. Sarajevo, 9-10 April 2013.


Some lecture and seminar themes in 2012

Ljubljana (Slovenia) 13-14 Sept. 2012 The Enigma of Creativity. Why creativity is important for schools and society. Public conference. Speakers: David Brierley (Norway), Martina Leibovici (Austria), Course holders and demonstrations: Mali Roald (Norway) painting; Dag Aslaksrud (Norway) drawing; Mary Barratt-Due (Norway) choir.

Utdanning ved et veivalg - en skole for fremtiden (Education at the Crossroads - A School for the Future). Public lecture. Bergen, Norway 19th Jan. 2012

Europas fremtid - ungdom mellom individet og folkemengden (Europe's future - Youth Between the Individual and the Crowd). Lecture for upper school pupils. Bergen, Norway 20th Jan. 2012

Music and the Mind. Lecture for the European Society of Music Teachers. Koper, Slovenia 11th Feb. 2012

Music and the Mind. Lecture for music teachers. Slovenian Association of Music Teachers. Koper, Slovenia 11th Feb. 2012

The Development of Spatial Intelligence Through the Teaching of Geography. Waldorf seminar Ljubljana, Slovenia. Course 24-26 March 2012

The Development of Spatial Intelligence Through the Teaching of Geography. Course. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, Croatia 2-4 March 2012

The Development of Spatial Intelligence Through the Teaching of Formdrawing. Workshop. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, Croatia 2-4 March 2012

Motivation. Lecture. Fundacion Botin Conference, Santander, Spain. 24th March 2012

Motivation, Interest and Boredom in Schools. Public lecture. Bled / Radovljica, Slovenia. April 16th 2012

Individuality, Society and Creativity. Public seminar, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzogovina. 21st April 2012

Methodology: Cultivating Humanness in Schools. (Lecture course) Waldorf seminar Ljubljana, Slovenia. 4-6 May 2012

The Psychological Development in Adolescence. (Lecture course). 11-13 May 2012. Skola za sutra, Zagreb, Croatia

School and Society anno 2019. Which elements are needed to prepare pupils for the future? WISS conference for teachers from Eastern Europe. Ljubljana, Slovenia. 6 lectures 8-15 July 2012

The Enigma of Creativity (Skrivnost Ustvarjalnosti). International Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia 13-14 Sept. 2012

Creativity in the classroom towards an innovative and thriving society (Napredni in cvetoci druzbi naproti ustvarjalnost v razredu. Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Art of Living: The Child in Us. Seminar - Skola za sutra, Zagreb & Sola zivljenja, Ljubljana, 15 Sept. 2012

Education for Social Change. Seminar. Skola za sutra, Zagreb 5-7 Oct. 2012

Methodology: Cultivating Minds for the Future (part 1). Seminar. Skola za sutra, Zagreb Seminar. 12-15 Oct. 2012

Methodology: Cultivating Minds for the Future (part 2). Seminar. Sola zivljenja. Ljubljana. 2-4 Oct. 2012

Vår tids muligheter og utfordringer. Individet og samfunn sett fra en metodisk ståsted. Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen,.Lærerutdanning, Oslo. Seminar. 19-23 Nov. 2012.

Hvorfor kunst i skolen? Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen, Kunstlinjen, Oslo. Seminar 26-28 Nov. 2012.

Methodology: Cultivating Minds for the Future (part 2). Seminar. Skola za sutra, Zagreb. Seminar. 7-9 Dec. 2012


Some lecture and seminar themes in 2011

Barnet i oss (The Child Within Us). Two lectures for students and teachers at the Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo. Oslo, Norway. 19-20th Dec.

Skole og utdanning i et fremtidsperspektiv - 30 års feiring for Rudolf Steinerhøyskolen i Oslo (School and Education for the Future - 30 years anniversary for the Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo). Oslo, Norway, 22nd Nov. 2011.

Democracy and the Cultivation of Emotions in Schools (Demokracija i kultiviranje emocija u skolama). Lecture for Students, Professors, Teachers and Psychologists in celebration of the U.N. Day for Tolerance. City Hall, Rijeka, Croatia, 16th Nov.

Towards the Elections: Political round table debate on the place of pluralism in education (as panel member). House of Europe, Zagreb, Croatia, 15th Nov.

The Psychological Development of the Adolescent. Waldorf Seminar Ljubljana, Slovenia. Lecture course 11-13th Nov.

Play is a very Serious Business Indeed. Botin Foundation for Innovation in Education. National Conference on the theme of Social, Emotional and Creative Education at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid. Madrid, Spain, 4th Oct.

Educating the Art of Life: Resilience and Creativity in Contemporary Education. (Lecture, discussion and paper). European Parliament, Brussels

Handwriting and the Keyboard, the Book and the Screen. (Lecture for Teachers). Ljubljana, Slovenia.

All Our Futures -a new education for a new society. (Public lecture). IEDC Bled School of Management, Slovenia.

Art and Thinking (lecture)

Socio-emotional development in children 2-6 years as seen in the books of Elsa Beskow. (lecture, discussion group). Seminar for Waldorf Education, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

From Play to Work. (Public lecture) Nova Goricia, Slovenia.

Biographical Case Studies in Search of Creativity. (Lecture course). WISS international summer seminar for teachers from Eastern Europe, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Observing the World -Geography and Painting, a Meeting of Science and Art (course)

Methods in Building Creativity in the Classroom (lecture). Fundacion Botin/University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain.

Sola zu sutra, Zagreb, Croatia: Human Values in Contemporary Education and their Implemetation (lecture course)

Observing Growth. A Methodology of the Observation of the Pupil. (Lecture course) Academy for Pedagogy. Rijeka, Croatia.

Human Values in Contemporary Education and their Implemetation. (Lecture course). Waldorf Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Psychological Development of Youths 14-21 years. (Lecture course). Waldorf Seminar, Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Some lecture and seminar themes in 2010

A Curriculum for Being and Becoming. Series of public lectures, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In Search of the Accomplished Pedagogue. University of Zagreb, Slovenia

Educating the Whole Person, Seminar for teachers and psychologists. Zagreb

Educating Life Artistry. Seminar for kindergarten and schoolteachers. Zagreb and Ljubljana.

Puberty and the Stages of Development in Puberty. Lecture parents, Waldorf School, Ljubljana

Creativity as Health. Public Lecture Ljubljana, Slovenia

Geography: a study of space and place. Seminar for lecturers and professors. University of Karlstad, Sweden.

A Time for Change. What does this mean for education? Public lecture, Oslo, Norway

Enhancing Creativity as a Method. University of Rijeka, Croatia

Motivation, School and Work. Lecture for students, teachers and parents. Rijeka, Croatia

Change, Reform and Educational Research. Symposium for teacher educationalists. Trieste, Italy

The Intelligent Hand. 6 lectures Seminar for Waldorf Teachers from Eastern Europe (WISS). Gödöllö, Hungary.

Motivation and Art. European Congress for Art Education.

How to be a Failure and Succeed. Lecture for parents, Waldorf School, Ljubljana

Life Course Competence. 5 lectures at Conference for Scandinavian Waldorf teachers.

In Search of Our Time as a Platform for Contemporary Education. Seminar Zagreb & Ljubljana

What is competence? Lecture for parents of youths. Waldorf School, Ljubljana.

The Kindergarten in an Education for the Future. Public lecture, Goricia, Slovenia

Creativity and Resilience. Address for teachers, Seminar for Creativity. Botin Foundation, Santander, Spain.

Epistemic Apprenticeship: the idea that a school fosters ways of thinking, learning and knowing. Lecture for teachers and professors. Ljubljana.