New book: Out of the Blue - The Methodology of Creativity in Schools and Society

To be published autumn 2022


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Brierley, D. L. 2013. One Hundred Million Destinies Now - Guiding the aspirations of pupils through the labyrinths of our time / Stotinu miliona sadasnjih sudbina - Voditi ucenike nijhovim aspiracijama kroz labirinte naseg vremena. IWP, Zagreb.

ISBN 978-953-56991-1-8 / ISBN 978-9926-8147-0-0

One Hundred Million Destinies Now One Hundred Million Destinies Now - bosnian edition

Brierley, D. L. (literature), Bamford, A. (drama), Santos A. (film), Albano, A. A. (visual arts), Kokkonen, M. (dance), Clouder, C. (introduction). 2014. Arts and the Emotions - Nurturing our creative potential. Fundacion Botin, Madrid.

ISBN 978-84-15469-38-4

Skriveno u vidljivom

Brierley, D. L. 2013. Skriveno u vidljivom - Razmisljanja jednog ucitelja i njegovih trinaestogodisnjaka. IWP, Zagreb.

ISBN 978-953-56991-0-1

Skriveno u vidljivom

Brierley, D. L., Muller-Using, S., Leibovici-Muhlberger, M., Bamford, A., Albano, A. A. and Romo, M. 2012. Good Morning Creativity (Buenos Dios Creatividad). Fundacion Botin, Santander.


Good Morning Creativity

Brierley, D. L. 2012. The Painter of a Modern Life: Mindsets for resilience and creativity in contemporary education. Parsival, Ljubljana.

ISBN 978-961-92602-0-3

The Painter of a Modern Life

Brierley, D. L. 2009. To Read the Unwritten. Parsival, Ljubljana. (On creativity)

ISBN 978-961-92602-0-3

To Read the Unwritten

Brierley, D. L. 2006. The Not Yet in the Now. ASK, Oslo. (On methodology for youth)

ISBN 978-82-994919-2-1

The Not Yet in the Now

Brierley, D. L. 2004. No Man is an Island. Antropos, Oslo. (On geography teaching)

ISBN 82-7940-009-5

No Man is an Island

Brierley, D. L. 1998. In the Sea of Life Enisled. Antropos, Oslo. (On geography teaching)

ISBN 82-7940-002-8

In the Sea of Life Enisled